Petr Vít was born in Brno (Czech republic), where he also graduated at the Conservatoire. Then he continued his studies at Academy of Music in Prague during which period he received a one-year-scholarship at Viennese Hochschule für Musik. His teachers were among others M. Hovorková, M. Mysliveček, K. Ragossnig and Š. Rak.

After the success in the sphere of classical guitar he started to explore a very different musical world. Enchanted by flamenco, he received a scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Culture and studied this art in the very heart of its origin – Spanish Andalusia. Petr Vit prolonged his originally 4-month-long stay in Granada to several years and found it his second home.

During the years 1998-2006 he was a professor at the Escuela de Bellas Artes y Musica in Cartagena in Colombia and at the Escuela Experimental de Música de Granada. He was the producer of the film „El flamenco y su gente“ (Flamenco and its people) and other documentaries about Spain and he is author of some travel articles and photo expositions focused on Ibero American topics. He is also the author of the new translations of F. G. Lorca’s poems. Apart from his concerts and teaching activities Petr Vit composes works for guitar solo, chamber music and music for theater. Petr Vit currently teaches at Brno Conservatoire and is also the artistic director of the The festival of Spanish Culture IBÉRICA ( and COLORES FLAMENCOS ( held in Czech Republic. He is frequently invited to teach at renowned master courses and festivals.

His concert activities include many genres: solo performances of classical and flamenco guitar, the chamber duo with Andrea Priechodska, soloist of Brno opera, world music duo with the Israeli percussionist Azar Abou, flamenco formation with the Spanish dancer Virginia Delgado or the concerts of Latin American music with Brazilian violinist Israel de Franca.


  • Rey Nimrod (Sephardic song arr. Petr Vít)
  • Rumba en Si (Petr Vít)
  • AVE MARIA (Vladimir Vavilov)
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